About us

Aliform is a medical device startup based in Aachen, Germany. Currently, we are relocating to Texas, US. Our focus is on developing solutions for safe and effective skin surgery in indications such as cellulite, skin grafting, treatment of scars, face-lifting, abdominoplasty, and others. Celluleaf - is our priority device designed specifically for minimally-invasive treatment of cellulite.


Aliform placed into the Top 10 winning business plans of the AC² start-up competition in Aachen, NRW, in both consecutive phases.  Aliform was also supported by the NRW Startup Grant and is a part of the Life Sciences Accelerator in Baden-Württemberg. In this year, Aliform was also selected to be a participant in the renowned accelerator Health Wildcatters in Dalllas, Texas.


We are currently in the Seed financing round. The main focus is on performing the first pilot in-human study, expanding the team and entering the US market.

Our team

Dr. Victor Suturin

Founder and CEO

Victor is a passionate leader, scientist, and inventor. He received his PhD in Biomedicine from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) and already has experience in the startup scene. He is ready to take the industry by storm!


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Alisa Suturin

Business development

Alisa studied chemistry and is performing her PhD in regenerative medicine. She worked as a business analyst and worked with other life science startups and gloabl pharmaceutical companies prior Aliform. Alisa knows how to work enthusiastically in a structured way, not forgetting the big picture and always keeping the positivity alive!



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